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Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

The Boeing 737 PC - System

737-800NG PC- System

The old PC constellation 

At this time, all pc´s just for testing the network
connection of FSUIPC and wideFS in cooperation
with FS2004 and other Hardware.
-befor plattform and Rudder- Pedals-

The MIP737 is at this time connectet and run´s pefect.

2 laptop, 4 tower and in the future i khow many more

The Skull- tower is the main PC with
 FS2004; Project Mangenta´s MCP 737NG

The correctly machin specification comes later.

On top - The Pilot Side PC
 for PM Glasscockpit on future

from left to right:

Upper EICAS PC; Pilot Side and FS9 machine

The completly PC configuration from all

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APHS , Genuine cockpit parts for your sim
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